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"How To Build A Regenerative Village" encourages the transition towards a regenerative way of living, both as individuals and as an interconnected network of beings on a planetary scale.
The 174 page illustrated book, weaves together lineages of wisdom and practical experience from a worldwide tribe of regenerative village builders - serving as an emergent base of knowledge, as well as actionable blueprint.

The book was co-created by a multidisciplinary team of 28 regenerative pioneers during an 11-day mastermind, using a unique co-creation methodology developed by TreehouseDAO at the Traditional Dream Factory - a regenerative village within OASA network and the first land-based DAO in Europe.
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🌳 Book Launch Events 🌳

Lisbon ✅

Sunday, 15 January 2023
at Crew Hassan
8a Rua Andrade
start at 18:00


Tuesday, 24 January 2023
at BounceSpace
Overtoom 141
start at 18:00


Sunday, 29 January 2023
at Medley
Christinenstrasse 19a
start at 18:00


The book was co-created by a multidisciplinary team of 28 regenerative pioneers building villages, projects, and networks.
Facilitated with a unique playful co-creation methodology developed by Treehouse DAO, the participants were able to produce the first draft of the book in only 11 days.
You can learn about the process behind creating the book in this twitter thread.Participants working on the book
We're releasing the book as version 0.9 in order to gather feedback and catalyse energy to create another iteration ready to print. We're already distributing the book in regenerative villages, co-living spaces, accelerator hubs etc. around the world, and look forward to serving as one of the entry points into a constantly evolving ecosystem of knowledge.

What's Inside the Book

The book is 174 pages in length, divided into 6 chapters, and outlines the process of building a regenerative village - as well as 3 bonus mini chapters that provide additional insights into the regenerative paradigm, regeneration at sea, and how to find existing villages and projects to get involved with!
  1. Personal Regeneration - focuses on the individual, and the relationship between individual and a community
  2. Legal & Governance - explores processes for a cohesive and fruitful co-creation
  3. Funds & Capital - dives into acquiring and managing resources
  4. Infrastructure - outlines practical steps to actually build the village
  5. Regenerating Nature - compiles regenerative frameworks to work together with nature
  6. Beyond Your Village - looks at the wider ecosystem of villages, and how to maximise the impact of the global regenerative movement

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We are looking for organisations ready to distill their journey and expertise into their own book, using our unique & playful co-creation methodology.

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